Plant Care Instructions


If you purchase one of our Geometric Holders to use with a succulents or perhaps we had the pleasure to meet at one of our local markets and you took home one our holders with a succulent/cacti; this instructions are for you. 



First make sure your Geo holder is on it's upright position.


Remove your Moss to expose your plants soil. (If you holder did not have any moss skip this step) 



Carefully add your table spoons of water one at a time. (How many? We recommend small = 2-3 tbs spoons, MED & LRG 6-8 tbs, XL & XXL add 14-16 tbs.) This is only a recommendation; watering may vary depending on where you live. Keep and eye out on your soil, if see that it's dry it's time to water.  


Remember "Most" Succulents need at least 2-3 hrs of Filter, halogen, LED or Florescent lighting; we suggest placing them in your Office, Kitchen, Living room or other well lit places. 

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