Plant Care Instructions


If you purchase one of our Geometric Holders to use with plants or you took home one holders with a succulent/cacti from our local markets, these instructions are for you. 



First, make sure your Geometric holder is in its upright position.


Carefully add your table spoons of water one at a time. (How many? We recommend small = 2-3 tbs spoons, MED & LRG 6-8 tbs, XL & XXL add 14-16 tbs.) This is only a recommendation; watering may vary depending on where you live. Keep and eye out on your soil, if see that it's dry it's time to water. Geometric Fossils containers come with a drain hole; therefore you can also water them until you notice the water come out the drain hole. 


Remember "Most" Succulents need at least 2-3 hrs of Filter, halogen, LED or Florescent lighting; we suggest placing them in your Office, Kitchen, Living room or other well lit places. 

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